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We are passionate about kayaking and the ocean life, and our dream is to spread the kayak culture and create more and more events where it's possible to meet kayakers from all over the world.

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Proud sponsor of this piece of history! Thanks Pablo for this short edit we can share and enjoy... tremendous work!


Take a Seat

GREAT MOVIE! I've been told many opinions before I could see it... some critics, some enthusiastics... but I can tell you now I'm dreaming waves every night hahahahaha As well I'm so happy I could watch it together with my 4 years old boy, this is the real purspose of this project I think: connecting the #waveskifamily worldwide and bridging between generations of riders before it's too late! Congratulations and Thank you guys for this fantastic piece of history! Proud to have sponsored, you deserve this and more. Get your copy, make your order, contact directly on Take a Seat page.